Annual Working Program Meeting for the Year of 2023 of CHOPE Group was Successfully Held

Release time: 2023-02-27 11:02:15



From February 21st to 22nd, the annual working program meeting of CHOPE Group was successfully held at CHOPE Shihong Hotel. Chairman Zhang Yumei and President Zhang Daolyu of the Group, as well as all middle and senior management personnel from CHOPE International Engineering Co., Ltd., CHOPE Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd., CHOPE Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., CHOPE Zenghua Technology Co., Ltd., CHOPE Shihong Hotel, and CHOPE Blue Star Restaurant under the group's jurisdiction, gathered together to plan for the development blueprint of CHOPE Group in 2023.

On the morning of the 21st, Zhang Daolyu, President of CHOPE Group, presented the "2023 Yearly Work Report of CHOPE Group" to the conference. The report consists of four parts: main work achievements, existing problems, main business goals for 2023, and key work priorities for 2023. In 2022, various subsidiaries of CHOPE Group overcame difficulties and achieved good results in the face of the rampant epidemic and economic downturn, achieving good business goals, reflecting the spirit of all CHOPE people not afraid of difficulties and working hard. Among them, CHOPE International Company successfully completed its market and business goals, achieving a good start in its first year of operation; CHOPE Shihong Hotel has established a solid foothold in the local market, forming a good industry reputation and market influence; CHOPE Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd., CHOPE Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., and CHOPE Zenghua Technology Co., Ltd. have made efforts to increase resources and reduce costs, but have also overcome difficult times; The sales of Blue Star Restaurant have continued to grow, and the future is promising. President Zhang commented on the achievements and shortcomings of each subsidiary, clarified the business goals and indicators for 2023, and sounded the horn of CHOPE Group's hard work in 2023!

Afterwards, Chairman Zhang Yumei and President Zhang Daolyu respectively read out the ‘Senior Appointment Decision of CHOPE Group’ and ‘Senior Appointment Decision of Each Subsidiary of Xipu Group’, and awarded the 2023 Advanced Collective Honor Certificate and Award to CHOPE Shihong Hotel.

From the afternoon of the 21st to the morning of the 22nd, all subsidiaries of CHOPE Group focused on unifying their ideas, addressing shortcomings, and achieving goals around the ‘2023 Yearly Work Report’. They held hot discussions, including Wang Jingtao, President of CHOPE International, Meng Junjie, General Manager of CHOPE Heavy Machinery, Wu Shicai, General Manager of CHOPE Environmental Protection Technology, and Yang Lian, General Manager of CHOPE Shihong Hotel, Yang Wanying, the general manager of Blue Star Restaurant, and other leaders from various subsidiary companies summarized the discussion results and gave a speech on the afternoon of the 22nd, elaborating on relevant management measures, key tasks, and solutions. Afterwards, Zhang Yumei, the chairman of CHOPE Group, signed a target responsibility letter with the leaders of each subsidiary company, and all subsidiary companies mustered up their enthusiasm, made a solemn commitment, and were full of confidence.

Afterwards, the attending representatives took a group photo and raised their glasses to drink freely. After the epidemic, spring returns to the earth and everything competes. After the meeting, everyone will rush to their respective work positions and domestic and foreign project sites to work together to achieve the 2023 goal!