C-HOPE’s Frontline Fighters

Release time: 2020-07-16 08:55:49



It is believed that people will never forget the year of 2020, at the beginning of which we fought a war without smoke. Since the outbreak of the pandemic, C-HOPE is engaged in vigorous efforts to take multiple measures to protect the health and safety of employees and combat the battle as per the requirements of local authority.

In the struggle against the virus, thanks to good sense, resignation and self-discipline of all C-HOPE people, after having had great success in the initial stage, C-HOPE Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. located in Lishui district resumed its production on 17th February, 2020. And C-HOPE’s head office located in the development zone in Jiangning district was among those which were opened earliest.

In recent years, most of C-HOPE’s projects are overseas. Due to the coronavirus, some members of project teams were unable to return to the home country to celebrate the Spring Festival together with their family and have to stay on their respective sites in Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam and Uzbekistan for months. What they can do is to fulfill their responsibilities on sites as they always do and even to fill the void caused by the absences of other members who cannot make their trips to sites during the pandemic to guarantee the stable execution of all projects.

When it gets better, after having communicated with Embassies, Commercial Department and the Owners of projects and having ensured the safety, C-HOPE has assigned several batches of staff to the sites of three ongoing projects in Uzbekistan in June. In July, project manager and technical staff were assigned to the site of project in Bangladesh to prepare the full commencement of the project there. In the same month, C-HOPE’s chief executive himself visited Owners in Vietnam for the negotiation of new projects. Despite the pandemic, C-HOPE is continuing to stick to its operation concept of “Customer Foremost” and its firm resolve to “fight against the virus”. The effort of C-HOPE people is paying off, orderly resumption of execution of overseas projects has been seen and the annual marketing target achieved. C-HOPE’s frontline fighters are our heroes!

With the rapid spreading of the pandemic around the world, surely employees abroad will encounter some risks and difficulties. It is the company’s hope that you can protect yourselves well. Timely communication is always welcomed in case of any abnormalities, with which the company will cope immediately. Behind you are not only your family’s concern but also C-HOPE’s full guarantee and powerful support.

The pandemic cannot stumble our pace forwarding. In the spirit of “preventing and controlling pandemic as well as resuming work and production”, we should push all works forward in a stable way, minimize the unwelcoming impact of the pandemic and maintain C-HOPE’s stable production and operation, successfully preventing and controlling the pandemic and earning profits at the same time.

Dark clouds will eventually disperse, and sun is sure to shine. Effort will surely be paying off. In this fighting against the virus, C-HOPE’s frontline fighters, trying to overcome all difficulties, are the most honored. We believe firmly that difficulties will only make us more united, and challenges turn us more resilient, and we have full confidence to get through the current tricky situation. Victory will be standing firmly by our side.