The 2022 Summary and Commendation Conference of Nanjing CHOPE International Engineering Co., Ltd. was Successfully Held

Release time: 2023-01-16 13:34:48



On the afternoon of January 13, 2023, the 2022 Annual Summary and Commendation Conference of Nanjing CHOPE International Engineering Co., Ltd. was grandly held in the multi-functional hall on the 27th floor of the headoffice. All employees of CHOPE International Company attended the meeting, with Chairman Zhang Daolyu, President Wang Jingtao, Executive Vice President Huang Jingguo and other executives attending. The meeting was chaired by Assistant President Chen Yu.

Firstly, President Wang Jingtao gave a "2022 End of Year Work Report", summarizing the overall economic operation status, market work, project execution, comprehensive management and development of the enterprise.

The year of 2022 is the first year of official operation of CHOPE International Company. Faced with severe challenges brought by adverse factors such as the epidemic, inflation, and extreme climate in the country where the project is located, through the joint efforts of company leaders, management personnel at all levels, and all employees, we have seized key opportunities and overcome difficulties. The contracted contract amount, revenue and profit indicators are close to or exceed the targets set at the beginning of the year, and most of the company and department work has been implemented in place, Successfully completed the main target tasks for 2022.

In 2022, the company achieved a further breakthrough in the market in Vietnam, and the newly signed general contracting project adopted CHOPE second-generation cement technology and equipment, which is currently in the design and procurement stage; The Bangladesh CCCL project has overcome difficulties such as the epidemic and the once-in-a-century flood, and the overall construction progress has achieved the expected goals. It has trained a team capable of fighting hard and accumulated valuable experience; New achievements have also been made in the comprehensive management and development of the enterprise, with the completion of the registration of the Vietnamese branch, the establishment of the Intelligent Business Unit, and the warm celebration of the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the CHOPE Group. Relevant departments have effectively supported market development and project implementation work. President Wang Jingtao summarized the achievements of 2022 and analyzed the existing shortcomings one by one. He also proposed improvement ideas and requirements for the market, project execution, internal management, and other aspects. Specific measures will be fully discussed at the 2023 work plan meeting and work goals will be formed.

Afterwards, President Wang Jingtao announced the 2022 annual recognition decision and held an award ceremony. The Marketing Department was awarded the title of Advanced Collective, General Manager of the Engineering Management Department Zhu Zhaoguang was awarded the Special Contribution Award, and 22 employees were awarded the Excellence Award. Among them, outstanding employee representatives Zhu Kuanping and Wu Yujuan, as well as commendatory employee representatives Zhang Zhipeng and Gan Qiuxia, delivered award speeches. They shared their work experience, demonstrated excellent work style and comprehensive abilities, and reflected the demeanor of CHOPE people.

Subsequently, Zhang Daolyu, Chairman of CHOPE International, delivered an important speech. He first fully affirmed CHOPE International's work achievements in 2022, and then focused on the gains and losses of work in 2022, as well as the work ideas for 2023. He pointed out the work ideas and improvement directions for market development, new technology development, engineering management, equity incentives, optimizing resource allocation, improving management and processes, and other aspects, strengthening the confidence and motivation for the development of all employees.

After the meeting, the attendees raised their glasses together at the Blue Star Restaurant in CHOPE to celebrate the upcoming Lunar New Year. They also wished all friends who care and support CHOPE's development a Happy New Year and all the best!