The energy-saving fourth generation grate cooler of Hoang Long Hoa Binh clinker in Vietnam has been successfully tested

Release time: 2024-04-02 16:45:18



On April 2, 2024, CHOPE undertook the 6000TPD production line project for Hoang Long Hoa Binh clinker in Vietnam, which involved an energy-saving fourth generation grate cooler with a central roller break. Our company independently designed and manufactured it, and organized a trial run in the workshop. The overall operation of the trial run was conducted without a hitch, with normal parameters and meeting the design requirements. The trial run was a complete success.

The cooler adopts the design concept of the second-generation cement technology. It uses a stepwise conveying form, which improves its conveying efficiency. The cooler is equipped with advanced fixed segment grate plates and dynamic models, which not only enhance the heat exchange efficiency but also improve the fluidity of the material at this location. A new air distribution pattern has been designed, which fundamentally resolves the "Red River" problem (On the fine material side of the clinker layer on the grate bed, there is a high-temperature burning red clinker belt from the inlet to the outlet.) at both sides of the grate bed. The use of a two-stage grate bed with intermediate roller crushing further improves the heat recovery efficiency, especially the efficiency of waste heat power generation. Designed a roller support structure to reduce lubrication points, making it simpler and more convenient to use and maintain. Adopting a new sealing form for the air chamber greatly reduces the amount of wind blowing between the chambers.

During the test run, the grate bed runs for a period of time from 2 times/min to 5 times/min, and the highest hydraulic system pressure is 3Mpa. There was no jamming or collision between the components, and the overall operation of the grate bed was stable.

The successful trial run of the cooler for the Hoang Long Hoa Binh clinker in Vietnam is an important milestone in the project construction process, which will effectively promote the timely completion of the project. CHOPE will continue to adhere to the concept of quality first, strive to accelerate the project process, strive for comprehensive production, and contribute another high-quality project to the Vietnamese market.