The Early 2024 Conference of CHOPE was Successfully Held

Release time: 2024-03-04 17:20:54



On March 1st, the 2024 work plan meeting of Nanjing CHOPE International Engineering Co., Ltd. was successfully held in the multifunctional hall on the 27th floor. Zhang Daolu, President of CHOPE Group and Chairman of CHOPE International Company, Wang Jingtao, President of CHOPE International Company, Executive Vice Presidents Huang Jingguo and Liu Jianhua, as well as all employees in the company, attended the meeting, which was chaired by assistant to the President Chen Yu.

Firstly, President Wang Jingtao presented a report to the conference on the "2024 Work Objectives and Plans of Xipu International", clarifying the overall business goals of the company for 2024, including new contract amounts, sales revenue, and profits. And detailed explanations were provided on the work plan for 2024 from four aspects: marketing, project execution, sustainable development, and comprehensive enterprise management, proposing specific work plans and requirements. Based on the domestic and international market situation, marketing directions and priorities have been formulated, and efforts have been made to further cultivate the Vietnamese market, explore new international markets, strengthen domestic market cooperation, and formulate relevant incentive policies. In terms of project execution, we will focus on implementing key projects such as Vietnam Choon Seng Grinding Station, Vietnam Hoang Long Hoa Binh, and Vietnam Luen Khe, strengthen territorial management, improve project execution capabilities and work efficiency, and implement key measures such as project execution meetings and project budget management. Arrangements have also been made in the application and optimization of second-generation technology, construction of talents team, internal cost reduction and efficiency improvement, optimization of external publicity, and improvement of performance evaluation efficiency.

Chairman Zhang Daolu and President Wang Jingtao respectively read out the "Decision on the Division of Work for the Senior Management of CHOPE International" and the "Decision on the Appointment of Senior and Deputy Middle Managers of CHOPE International", and held a signing ceremony for the 2024 target responsibility letter. President Wang Jingtao signed contracts with the executive team, responsible executives, and department heads.

Afterwards, Chairman Zhang Daolu delivered an important speech, first fully affirming the good achievements of CHOPE International Company in 2023, and further emphasizing the key points of work for 2024. We should adhere to exploring new markets while operating existing markets, laying the foundation for the sustainable development of CHOPE. Engineering project management is a key link in completing the tasks for 2024, involving all departments of CHOPE, including the engineering execution section. Everyone should invest in their work to ensure the smooth execution of key projects. To continuously strengthen team building, the company's management should take the lead and lead the team to achieve work goals with a high spirit and passion! Chairman Zhang Daolu encourages all colleagues to realize their own value in CHOPE International Company.

In the afternoon, the attendees were divided into four groups: "Technical Progress and Design, Project Management and Execution, Market Development, and Enterprise Management". They had a thorough discussion around the President's report, and their respective representatives summarized the discussion content. They gave speeches based on the key work of 2024, refining the goals into specific measures, unifying their thinking, and pointing out the direction of development.

After the meeting, all employees of CHOPE had dinner together, and the work meeting at the beginning of the year ended in a positive and upward atmosphere.