Tangshan C-HOPE-ZENGHUA Technology Co., Ltd.'s 400,000 ton/annual Calcium Oxide project successfully ignited

Release time: 2020-07-01 09:32:41



At 10:38 am on June 30th, 2020, the 400,000-ton calcium oxide project of Tangshan C-HOPE Zenghua Technology Co., Ltd. invested and constructed by C-HOPE Group held a grand opening ceremony. Li Ruiling, Deputy Mayor of Luanzhou City, C-HOPE Group Chairman Zhang Yumei, Vice President Ling Sixin, General Manager Li Xiaolin of Zenghua Company, and General Manager Li Xiaozeng of attended the ceremony.

Tangshan C-HOPE Zenghua Technology Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of C-HOPE Group. The calcium oxide project invested and constructed is a technology-based enterprise designed and constructed according to the superior local resource conditions and huge market capacity. The completion of the project will affect the group company The diversified development and local economic and social benefits are of great significance.