RF New High-efficiency Cyclone Preheater with Pre-calciner System

For years, C-HOPE has maintained active technical cooperation and exchange with many famous foreign cement companies. It obtains detailed and effective data by using computer numerical simulation technology, auxiliary cold model tests and advanced detection and analysis methods in the development and design process, and combines them with practical experience from equipment debugging and practical production process to form a characteristic and internationally advanced kiln inlet pre-decomposition technology.
Because of its reliability and being easy to operate and control, this system has been widely used in many projects worldwide. With satisfactory results, it is well accepted in the industry. With the development of cement production technology, C-HOPE has developed and optimized lots of new dry process cement preheater with pre-calciner, which ensures the supply of tailor-made equipment to the clients. In the meantime, C-HOPE has obtained 10 preheater technology patents and 1 invention patent.

Y-series Rotary Kiln

Manufactured with many innovative patent technologies, C-HOPE rotary kilns are characterized by optimized arrangement, stable operation, high speed, large unit production capacity, strong fuel adaptability and effective reduction of power consumption and heat consumption. C-HOPE rotary kilns are classified into three-shift range kilns and two-shift range kilns. C-HOPE can also supply tailor-made kilns. With the rotation speed of above 4.5r/min, huge possibility of output increase is expected.

Product Features

  • Self-aligning sliding bearing structure

  • Simple structure and stable operation

  • High efficiency and low abrasion

  • Easy replacement of floating plates

  • Hydraulic thrust roller device

  • Centralized air supply from centrifugal fan


The fifth generation of HC cooler is an evolved product with revolutionary concepts. It is characterized by no leakage, no abrasion, high conveying efficiency, high heat recovery efficiency, high operation efficiency, energy saving and consumption reduction etc. with new cooling concept and unique design. With an international advanced level, its technical properties are better than those of the third generation grate cooler with inflatable bean and the grate cooler with pushing rods produced by FLSmith from Denmark.


VRM-Series Vertical Mills

VRM-series vertical mills (raw VRMR, cement VRMC and slag VRMS) researched and developed independently by C-HOPE are advanced equipment which can be used to grind various material involved in cement production process. The principle of VRM-series vertical mills is to grind material on grind table. With the grinding force supplied by hydraulic pressure device and crushing and impact between grind rollers and grinding table, material can be crushed and grinded on grind table. Then, the grinded material will be dried and conveyed to classifier installed on top of mill for classification by hot air from outside. Afterwards, unqualified particles will be returned to grinding table for second grinding while qualified ones will be conveyed out of mill. Advantages:Strong material adaptability; High drying efficiency;High grinding efficiency;High operating efficiency;Low pressure loss;Low starting load;Low vibration;Low energy consumption.

Tube Mill

C-HOPE’s M-series tube mills include air-swept coal mill, raw mill and cement mill, which present as the improved versions of traditional mills. Compared with mills with the same specification, M-series, characterized by higher output and easier fineness adjustment of finished products, can be widely used in building material, metallurgy, mineral separation, electricity and chemical industries.
Equipment designed and produced by C-HOPE include stacker-reclaimer, roller press, crusher, conditioning tower, separator, valve, non-metallic expansion joint, apron feeder and various auxiliary hydraulic system, electronic control system and conveying equipment.